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Professional Focus: The transformation of insurance risk


Publication date:

21 July 2020

Last updated:

21 July 2020


Professional Focus, James Moorhouse, Jeffrey Skelton, Managing Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK & Ireland

Professional Focus interview featuring Jeffrey Skelton discussing the transformation of insurance risk understanding.

Throughout interview we will explore the following areas: 

  • How data insights are available to understand growing insurance risks at such a pace and where this data comes from
  • How data insights are of benefit to consumers and businesses - and how there can be greater risk mitigation through data
  • How the UK compares to the US in their use of data to understand risk - and how these regions can learn from another
  • The emerging new data sets that can help improve motor insurance risk understanding, including the potential of connected car data
  • The role data can play in helping the market tackle challenges around customer loyalty and retention
  • How data can help challenge climate change concerns for the residential and property markets
  • The next big data source that could support the market solve pain points like claims and application fraud


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